v1.4.29 WooCommerce Ajax-Enabled Enhanced Nulled

WooCommerce Ajax Nulled v.1.4.28

*** Ajax Layered Nav Changelog ***

2021-02-10 - version 1.4.28
* Tweak - WC 5.0 compatibility.
* Tweak - WP 5.6 compatibility.

The AjaxEnabled, Layered Navigation extension for WooCommerce provides a richer user experience for your customer and is particularly well suited for stores that have a lot of variable products or products with a number of attributes.

Not only does the layered navigation use Ajax calls to reload content on the page, but the extension also provides a number of additional user-interface elements for the layered navigation, such as color swatches, size selectors and checkboxes.

These useful options help you create a more meaningful, interactive experience for your user.

WooCommerce Ajax Nulled Demo

WooCommerce Ajax Nulled v.1.4.28

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