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Something is missing in today’s school systems: a management system that ensures everything is running smoothly, day-to-day. The School Management System by Nulled is an intuitive WordPress plugin that allows you to manage your school from anywhere, control the environment if you are at the campus, and much more. It will help you organize your students and teachers, keep track of their schedules, and make your work much more manageable.

Simplify the process of managing your school with School Management Free Download! A powerful, intuitive, and user-friendly school management system. It’s time to stop paper-based workflows.

School Management Nulled Features

  • Manages all your school’s needs efficiently and without fuss
  • Integrates with the WordPress core to provide seamless and automatic management of all your school data
  • Provides an easy to use interface for students, teachers, staff, parents and other stakeholders
  • Easily store events and notification on a dynamic noticeboard
  • Manage all your schools and their entities
  • Content can be imported from Excel, CSV, Word, PDF and HTML
  • Editable templates for notices, invoices and ID card
  • With a single login, get a holistic view of student progress and vital information.
  • Find out what your students are up to by accessing their Dashboard with just one click.
  • Admin can make changes and see the results in real-time.
  • Expands the administrative interface to include two new dashboards: one for the parents and another for the students.
  • With a single tap, get immediate access to a student’s grade report, attendance records, and learning analytics.
  • Provides parents with information about their child’s progress and daily activity in school.

School Management Nulled Demo*

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