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StoreApps Smart Manager v.5.41.0 Nulled

Best WooCommerce stock & inventory management plugin. Bulk edit and manage products, prices, orders, coupons, admin columns or any WordPress post type using spreadsheet like table editor.

StoreApps Smart Manager Nulled Features

  • Smart Manager has also been tested to update 10000, 100000+ records within minutes.
  • Perform operations like append, prepend, increase, decrease, etc. in bulk.
  • Update single/multiple fields for few or all records at once…without errors!
  • Reduce prices, increase inventory levels, change product categories, attributes, order status or any other fields, all in bulk quickly…without errors! StoreApps Smart Manager Nulled
  • Copy any field from any record using Batch update.
  • Filter any post type & perform bulk edit operations on them.
  • Utilize your time. Switch to other tasks while the Batch update runs in the background.
  • Inline edit multiple records in one-go without saving entries every time.
  • Inline update ‘Product Gallery Images, Featured Image’ using the media library.
  • Delete all products based on filters, categories, attributes. Delete featured images, media library images directly from the grid.
  • Delete orders, coupons, any post type in bulk and using search filters.
  • Duplicate single, multiple or all records.
  • Advanced search using multiple AND, multiple OR, multiple AND + OR conditions to get very specific results.
  • Create Excel-like custom views or segmented views, i.e view only the data you want. Enable / disable data columns, make edits, apply filters, save. Supports all post types.
  • Predefined custom views Product Stock & Product Price List
  • Set permissions based on user roles as to who can create and access custom views.
  • Export CSV for all post types all or filtered data using date filters, search filters or column filters.
  • Add your own logo to packing slips/order printing and also print the same in bulk.
  • Know the lifetime value (LTV) of all your customers along with their total purchases to date and last order details.
  • Manage WordPress user roles change user role, change password, etc.
  • Give dashboard specific access to non-admin users including any custom user role.
  • Compatibility with top WooCommerce & WordPress plugins. Smart Manager automatically recognizes all custom fields added by other plugins.

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StoreApps Smart Manager v.5.41.0 Nulled

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