v.10.9.4 ChatBot Nulled (for WordPress)

Want more leads, conversions,& happy customers? With WPBot Nulled, you can now automate your customer support functions by building a conversation between your website visitors and your brand. We offer the first fully-native chatbot for WordPress that’s easy to install and can handle both customer service and sales. Install WPBot today to start getting results.

The WPBot Nulled chatbot is the perfect solution! Chatbots are all the rage these days, so what better way to help drive more leads or conversions to your site than by adding a chatbot directly onto your website? WPBot offers more than just a simple chatbot, though! It automates tasks for you, answers customer service questions, and provides a way for your customers to get support without ever having to call you.

ChatBot Nulled Features

  • WPBot is perfect for eCommerce and blog websites, and even local businesses.
  • You can chat with your customers and generate leads without ever needing to give out your contact info or show up in person.
  • Give potential customers an easy way to get in touch before they’ve bought anything.
  • Chat with your website visitors in a natural-sounding voice or text
  • Keep customers satisfied by resolving their issues quickly
  • Stay in touch with your customers by collecting their eMails and phone numbers
  • Build interactive bots on your WordPress site!
  • Offer your visitors more than just your content with a personalized experience.
  • Highlight special offers, email subscriptions and other messages on Exit Intent.
  • Connect any Bot to Facebook chat, SMS, Web chat, or Telegram
  • Create Bot responses from the WP backend
  • Build conversational forms
  • Integrate with messenger and DialogFlow Rich Messages& Card responses

ChatBot for WordPress Nulled Demo*

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