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v1.7.27 TotalDesk The All in One WP Helpdesk Solution Nulled

TotalDesk Nulled The All in One WP Helpdesk Solution v1.7.27 Download

TotalDesk Nulled The All in One WP Helpdesk Solution v1.7.27 Download

TotalDesk Nulled is the only all in one helpdesk solution for WordPress. Including a ticket- & notification system, livechat, knowledge base, report and integration module it contains all support features, that you need. Thus, you will get rid of single helpdesk plugins and get TotalDesk – All in One WP Helpdesk Solution Nulled.

TotalDesk plugin free download has a built in ticket system including new ticket form, my tickets overview and custom user roles for reporters & agents. Also, Use the built in Live Chat system to talk with customers directly and solve problems quickly. 

There are multiple channels where customers can ask for support. Sometimes you oversee emails, miss phone calls or forget to reply to customers. This does not happen when you have a ticket system, where everything is logged. Beside that you gain informations about requests and can create a knowledge base out of these infos.

TotalDesk WordPress Plugin Features

  • 3 Differnt New Ticket Forms
  • Inbox Fetching
  • 2 Roles: Agent & Reporter
  • My Tickets Page
  • Set default values for new tickets, own ticket Status, custom ticket Types, custom ticket Project / Systems
  • Attachment Support
  • Inform Agents in Notifications
  • HTML WYSIWIG Comment Form
  • Saved replies
  • Logging / History system
  • XLS export
  • Reporters & Agents can reply to Email
  • Ticket Overview (assigned to, status in colors)
  • Set Inbox Archieve Folder
  • Email Notifications
  • Desktop Notifications
  • Slack Notifications
  • Notify when a ticket has been created, someone replied, a status has changed, an agent has ben assigned
  • Start a chat with a new subject (new ticket)
  • Enter a chat with a given ticket ID
  • Send a message (new ticket) when no agent is online
  • Every chat conversation will be saved
  • Create a FAQ based on a ticket
  • Group FAQs into topics
  • Set custom Icons for Topics
  • Live search for FAQs

Download TotalDesk WordPress Plugin

As a result, With our Free Download TotalDesk Helpdesk Plugin Nulled you are able to manage all Support request in once. So, All requests will be bundled in a ticket so they never get lost. Work with Tickets and reduce future Workload. By analyzing your tickets you are able to create saved replies from often answered replies. Also you are able to create your own Knowledge Base (FAQs) from tickets. This will help you to reduce future workloads, because similar issues can be solved much easier. Here are the download & demo links…

TotalDesk Nulled The All in One WP Helpdesk Solution Demo

TotalDesk Nulled The All in One WP Helpdesk Solution v1.7.27 Download

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