v.1.3.0. WP Live Preview Updates your preview page in real time Nulled

V 1.3.0  [01.09.2020]
        - Rebranding: WP Live Preview -> PreviewBot
        - Improvement: Refactored code, modular and future proof
        - Improvement: Uses even less ressources and only hooks into previews
        - Improvement: Improved delta transfer for less overhead between transactions
        - New feature: Hugely improved WooCommerce compatibility 
        - New feature: Live image selection partially available 

Are you tired of frontend page builders that are far from “what you see is what you get” and you just can not be bothered to hit that preview button for the 1000th time within the last hour? Do you hate changing your preview window sizes to check for responsiveness over and over again?

Well, we do and this is what we came up with:

  • Hit that preview button just once to open a preview window
  • Every change you make in your backend editor will refresh your preview window
  • If your page is slow or you just hate to see that preview page refresh to often, you can change the interval or set the plugin to only refresh by hotkey
  • Open multiple preview windows by copy-pasting the url of your current preview window into new tabs or windows. All windows or tabs will be refreshed on changes


  • Auto refresh: Automatically refresh preview windows when editing pages or posts. It’s like BrowserSync for WordPress pages.
  • Hotkey refresh: Refresh preview windows like a pro by hitting a key combination
  • Multiple windows: Open multiple preview windows by copy pasting the preview url into a new window. Every window will refresh on change. Test responsive designs easyly by scaling your windows to different sizes.
  • Live CSS Synchronization for Visual Composer / WPBakery Page Builder: You can now type in Visual Composer CSS editor and changes are visible on your preview page immediately. As always you can disable auto transfer and use your hotkey to refresh preview css.

WP Live Preview UpdatesNulled Demo

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