v.2.1.9 WooCommerce Lottery Nulled (WordPress Competitions and Lotteries)

WooCommerce Lottery Nulled WordPress plugin is a WooCommerce add-on that creates a lottery for WooCommerce products. The lottery is open to everyone and allows your customers to enter for a chance to win your product.

WooCommerce Competitions? WooCommerce Lotteries? Yep, this extension is for you! With WooCommerce Lottery, you can add lots of fun prizes to your site. You can set up a competition with a single prize or get your customers involved with lots of different prizes and the chance to win them all. You can even choose to use your WordPress image uploads as the prizes!

Download WooCommerce Lottery Nulled – WordPress Competitions and Lotteries v.2.1.9

WooCommerce is the most popular way to sell things on the internet. With WooCommerce Lottery, you can now add a lottery to your store with just a few clicks. You can generate a random winner with every product purchase, run periodic lotteries that have prizes for everyone who enters, even conduct a weekly or monthly lucky draw!

WooCommerce Lottery Nulled is the plugin that every e-commerce store needs to increase conversion rates and engagement. Create, manage, and run a lottery campaign in just a few clicks. The plugin boosts your sales by incentivizing customers with a chance to win something valuable. What are you waiting for? Get WooCommerce Lottery and start running a successful competition right away!

WooCommerce Lottery Nulled Feature

  • Lottery management made easy.
  • Powerful plugin which is easy to use but also a powerful solution so website owners get true WordPress lotteries solution which is both easy to setup and customize.
  • WooCommerce Lottery / Competition plugin has all features you need: from email notifications to fully customizable design and everything in between.
  • Easy to use. Users can easily create a WooCommerce Lottery / Competition with just few clicks
  • Powerful. You can customize lotteries so they fit your needs best
  • Comes with reports and statistics that will help you monitor your promotions
  • Ever since the invention of the wheel, humans have been looking for ways to make things faster. If you want to build an online business without spending countless hours every day on content creation or other tasks, then this is the plugin for you! WooCommerce Lottery / Competition plugin gets everything setup in minutes and
  • Fully responsive design looks good on any device
  • Multiple different lottery types available, such as weekly, daily, and monthly
  • Powerful admin options help you to manage every step of the process
  • Setup a lottery site with a WooCommerce-powered store in minutes.
  • The plugin handles all the backend work and provides you with an end to end solution.
  • You can launch your first lottery within 30 minutes, but there’s still more!
  • Increase conversion rate of your store by running lotteries for customers: their chance to win is the ultimate feeling of ownership.
  • Easily create and customize a WordPress lottery theme for Envato using the tools we give you.
  • Enhance your work quality with our templates, icons and fonts.
  • Get an extended license to get unlimited updates, bug fixes and access to our support team
  • Do you want to create a WordPress lottery theme but don’t know where to start?
  • Visit Envato, the best source of themes for WordPress.
  • Get this extended license and start creating your lottery theme within minutes.

WooCommerce Lottery Nulled Demo*

Download WooCommerce Lottery Nulled – WordPress Competitions and Lotteries v.2.1.9

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