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Graph Paper Press Sell Media Manual Purchases Nulled Are you concerned that you’re losing sales because your buyers don’t have credit cards?

However, if you had some other arrangement in place, chances are, they would be quite willing to buy from you .

In fact, the lack of an alternative means of payment means you are losing out on some real cash here. Now, let me show you what I mean.

For example, if you sold $5,000 worth of images in 2020, but lost 25% of potential sales because your buyers didn’t have a credit card/Paypal or weren’t comfortable using it on your site, think about what providing a manual payment option might have on your bottom line:

$5,000 * 1.25 = $6,250

So, essentially you are missing out on a whopping $1250 worth of sales simply because you lack an alternative method of payment.

Now, you might be thinking that most people have credit cards these days. But let’s see what the data tells us.

Based on a study conducted in 2017 on 142 countries, it was found that only 19.28 percent of the global population had access to credit cards.

A separate study reveals that around 75% of Americans have access to credit cards.

But, the point that you are missing out here is that many people don’t really feel comfortable using credit cards to make purchases online. They just don’t feel secure.

And here’s the thing:

If you are doing your Image SEO right, your images are bound to attract quite a lot of attention.

But hey, attention means swat without conversions.

Is there no hope?

So, what can you do in this situation?

The problem requires you to think out of the box and offer ecommerce solutions that your competitors aren’t offering. You offer your visitors the chance to purchase using an offline method.

And that is precisely why our team at Graph Paper Press designed the Manual Purchases extension to the Sell Media plugin.

This next-level e-commerce solution will open up a world of opportunity for your business. You can let them pay via:

  • Checks
  • Wire transfer
  • Direct cash, etc. Graph Paper Press Sell Media Manual Purchases GPL

And you will find this extension to be particularly useful if  you have established, pre-existing payment arrangements with your buyers. (Like you know contracts with magazine editors, newspaper editors and so on…)

Wanna know more? Read below how it works.

You see, PayPal is the default payment gateway system available in Sell Media Free Download.

And even though PayPal is a very convenient payment gateway, not everyone has PayPal.

However, once you activate the Manual Purchases extension, your visitors will find an additional payment option above Paypal.

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