v.1.1.4 Easy Digital Downloads Compare Products Nulled


Easy Digital Downloads Compare Products Nulled A powerful way to engage visitors on an eCommerce store is to allow them to view side-by-side comparisons of products they are interested in. Creating simple, visual comparisons between alternative products can help improve the customer experience, reduce confusion, accelerate purchasing decisions and ultimately increase revenue.

This plugin enables anyone managing a store powered by Easy Digital Downloads to not only create their own comparisons and direct customers to them but also to allow their customers to generate unlimited product comparisons completely on their own.

EDD Compare Products Free Download allows you to generate side-by-side product comparisons. These comparisons can be created by a site owner and linked to an order to visually demonstrate important product differences to customers, and they can also by created by customers who would like to more easily compare products and make better buying decisions.

After installing and activating EDD Compare Products, a new button will be added to each item listed using the [downloads] shortcode. It will look something like this:

As you can see in the above screenshot, a new button is added for each item which, when clicked, adds the item to the list of items to compare. This list can be viewed by clicking on the “View Comparison” button (seen below). Any number of items can be added to the comparison at one time.

Easy Digital Downloads Compare Products Nulled Demo


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