Fluid Checkout for WooCommerce Pro Nulled Free Download

v2.0.9 + v1.4.5 Fluid Checkout for WooCommerce Pro Nulled

Fluid Checkout for WooCommerce Pro Nulled replaces the WooCommerce checkoutcart and order received pages with a consistent and better purchase experience, eliminating unnecessary friction at the most critical step of online sales.

Tip: Make sure to test the checkout flow by adding to the cart and completing the purchase at least 2x to see how the plugin streamlines the checkout process for registered and repeat customers.

More features to further improve your WooCommerce checkout conversion rate and the make the entire purchase experience consistent.

Fluid Checkout for WooCommerce Pro Free Download adds more features to the checkout page and extends the features that every WooCommerce checkout page should have.

From the optimized cart page to the checkout pageorder confirmation page, and view order details on the account dashboard.

Optimized cart page

Never click that pesky “Update cart” button again with cart contents and totals updated automatically.

The optimized cart page has:

  • Always updated cart contents and totals
  • Easily add trust symbols to the cart page
  • Integrated coupon code field on the cart page
  • Shipping methods and calculation as a separate section
  • Saved addresses for the shipping calculator
  • Cart upsells/cross-sells layout (from WooCommerce product settings)
  • Re-add / undo multiple removed items

Optimized order received / thank you page

The same look and feel for order details on the order received page and view order pages on the account dashboard.

The optimized order received / thank you page has:

  • Order overview with relevant actions
  • Status progress bar and customer notes
  • Payment methods instructions are displayed when relevant
  • Order summary optionally displayed on the sidebar
  • Easily add extra information on the order received page
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